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The Complete Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Life

Let's be honest, most of us are clutter bugs living in packed homes overflowing with stuff. We dream of tidy, Pinterest-worthy spaces but the reality is piles crammed into every corner. However, it doesn't have to stay this way! Decluttering your home can profoundly improve your mindset, health and spirit. So grab those trash bags and let's conquer the clutter mountain together.

We won't lie, decluttering takes serious work. It's daunting not knowing where to start with the overflowing mess. But take heart! In this guide, we'll lead you step-by-step through the entire decluttering process - from making a plan to clearing out the junk. With some effort, you'll be well on your way to living clutter-free.

Step 1: Set Your Decluttering Intentions

Before diving in headfirst, pause to get clear on why you want to declutter. Take time to journal about your motivations and desired benefits. Do you aim to reduce anxiety? Foster household harmony? Make space for new hobbies? Whatever your reasons, get specific. Revisit this list whenever you need some decluttering motivation.

Next, establish intentions for your decluttering mindset. How do you want to feel while sorting possessions? Calm? Focused? Sentimental? Setting an intention like “We declutter this home with gratitude” creates the right headspace.

Step 2: Make a Decluttering Plan

Now for the fun part - strategizing your attack! Breaking the process into small, manageable tasks prevents feeling overwhelmed. Here are some tips:

Create a room-by-room checklist - List specific decluttering jobs per room, like sorting clothes or organizing the garage. This checklist provides focus and direction.

Schedule decluttering sessions - Block off time devoted solely to decluttering. Add sessions to your calendar and set phone reminders to establish a consistent routine.

Tackle one space at a time - Don't declutter the whole house at once! Choose a single room and fully complete it before moving to the next area. This prevents fatigue.

Enlist help from others - Have family and friends pitch in! Delegate tasks and make decluttering a fun bonding experience. More hands mean lighter work.

Use helpful apps and tools - Leverage apps like Tody and Decluttr to stay organized and motivated. Incorporate other handy organizing products too.

Step 3: Declutter Room-by-Room

You've got your plan of attack - now let's declutter room-by-room!

Living Room

Strewn with toys, books, and clutter - chances are your living room needs TLC. Here's how to tackle this busy shared space:

Categorize items - Be ruthless in sorting everything into "keep" or "donate/trash" piles. Only retain items actively used and cherished. If it's sat untouched for years, thank it and say goodbye.

Designate homes for belongings - Use baskets, shelving, and storage ottomans to neatly contain items. Label everything so it's easily returned after use.

Reconfigure furniture layout - Move furnishings around to energize the space. Eliminate excess pieces obstructing flow and function.

Install organizers - Corral remotes, cords, and gadgets with magazine files, media cabinets, and other savvy solutions.

Deep clean surfaces - Vacuum, dust, wipe down, and steam clean once decluttered. A thorough cleaning makes the room feel fresh.


As the busy hub of homelife, the kitchen deserves special decluttering attention. Follow these tips:

Clear countertops completely - Remove everything from counters and clean. Only return essential daily-use items.

Purge food and dishware - Toss expired items and donate unused cookware. Organize with bins and shelves.

Clean appliances thoroughly - Scrub inside microwaves, ovens, fridges and the like. Toss rotten foods and wipe surfaces.

Organize cooking tools accessibly - Keep only regularly used items like dishes and utensils. Store conveniently for ease of use.

Shine sinks and surfaces - Clean countertops, sinks, and backsplashes until gleaming. A clean kitchen lifts the spirit.


Bedrooms easily become clutter magnets. Restore peace with these tips:

Clear flat surfaces - Remove everything from nightstands, dressers, and desks. Clean, then mindfully return only essentials.

Edit closets - Donate or toss any unworn clothes and shoes over a year old. Use shelves, hanging organizers, and bins to neatly arrange contents.

De-clutter under beds- Use storage containers to contain items. Discard anything unneeded stashed away under there.

Refresh decor - Take down outdated art and photos causing visual clutter. Introduce soothing elements like plants and new bedding.

Install multipurpose hooks - Hooks on walls and doors neatly store bags, hats, robes, and other items. They provide handy grab-and-go storage.


With endless lotions and potions, bathrooms often become disarrayed. Try these tips:

Evaluate personal products - Toss expired items. Keep only current products you actually use.

Utilize organizing tools - Neatly store supplies in bins, caddies, shelves and drawer organizers.

Limit counter clutter - Only keep daily use essentials like soap and toothbrushes out. Store everything else.

Clean thoroughly - Scrub mirrors, counters, tubs, toilets, and floors. A deep clean feels instantly refreshing.

Maximize storage - Add freestanding shelves, over-the-toilet stands, hanging bins, or other storage solutions.

Step 4: Handle Sentimental Possessions

Now for the hardest task - dealing with sentimental items. These objects hold memories and are difficult to part with. Here are helpful strategies:

Schedule special time - Devote time focused solely on sentimental belongings. Go slowly, handling items with care and respect.

Evaluate meaning - Ask yourself sincerely, "Is keeping this enhancing my life?" If not, it may be time to let it go with gratitude.

Document memories - Take photos of sentimental pieces before passing them on. Record associated stories to retain memories.

Select true favorites - For collections of books, photos, etc. choose just 1-2 most beloved items to keep. Donate or gift the rest.

Find new homes - Give significant items to family or friends who will treasure them. Donate to museums or nonprofits too.

Releasing sentimental items takes courage but feels liberating. Start small. Even decluttering a few items makes space for joy. Listen to your intuition and go at your own pace. With patience and self-compassion, you'll create space for what matters most.

Step 5: Maintain Your Decluttered Home

Hooray, you did it! Your home is decluttered and floors are visible again. But don't stop here - maintaining an organized space is just as vital as the initial decluttering process. Here are some upkeep tips:

Establish a cleaning routine - Set aside regular time to tidy up, dust, and vacuum. Consistent maintenance deters re-cluttering.

Address clutter in the moment - Put items away as soon as you're finished using them. Don't leave things out with the intent to handle later. Deal with it immediately!

Do weekly decluttering sessions - Take 15-30 minutes per week to sort through accumulated clutter. Don't allow messes to pile up again.

Rotate out seasonal items - When transitioning between seasons, declutter and donate unused clothing and decor.

Reward successes - Celebrate clutter-free wins with small treats like a relaxing bath or favorite coffee drink. Positive reinforcement keeps you motivated.

Staying atop clutter takes diligence but becomes habit over time. By spending a few minutes daily, you can maintain your tidy haven. Enjoy your peaceful, organized home!

Final Thoughts on Decluttering

There you have it - a complete guide to conquering clutter and mastering home organization. While it seems daunting initially, take it one step at a time. Focus on small, manageable tasks daily. Before you know it, you'll be living in a serene, uncluttered space.

Decluttering profoundly impacts your whole self - mind, body, and spirit. It alleviates stress, boosts mood, and instills calm. Removing excess items makes room for activities and people you treasure.

What are you waiting for? Grab some trash bags and start your decluttering quest today. We promise you'll be glad you did. Here's to living in a home that sparks lightness and joy within!

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